Source of water

Best for watering and forming mediums is water from ponds, lakes, rivers or ground water.

– it is usually a soft water with low mineral content, easy to obtain but rarely available.
Usually the deep water is used, which sometimes poses many issues due to the excess of some elements, these are usually hard waters that are difficult to acidify.

We should pay particular attention to the diffusing lines that should have water consumption of 1.1 L in the separation of emitters every 30 cm – only these type of lines allow for optimum and proper distribution of water in the soil, that is in the row of growing blueberries.
Therefore, best lines of renowned companies should be used.

Water should be sent to analysis for content of – N – NO3 and NH4, Ca, P, K, S, Cl, Mg, Na and microelements – Mn, Zn, Cu, Br, Mo, Fe.

We should test pH and Ec and content of HCO3.

Water test allows us to determine the whole fertilization.