Soil purification

Soil purification

Soil purification is done by introducing ground to the native soil to improve its structure and water-air ratios and we do it on very sandy and clayey soils. The very sandy soils should have a material that will increase its water capacity and the clayey soils need a material to improve the air conditions.

Purifying native soil is done by:

  • Ploughing grooves in planting points of depth of about 30 cm and width of 80-90 cm
  • Filling the groove with purifying material
  • Burying the groove with native soil
  • Stirring with a mechanical spade like Bivanga – such as in case of standard soil preparation

To improve sandy soil we should use: low peat, high peat with addition of clay, swampy or steppe soils with high humus content of 30-40%.

For clayey soils: high peat or composted saw dusts of about 30%.