Major elements

Major elements for planting:

  1. Choice of station.
  2. Water source.
  3. Arrangement (size of watering sectors fitted to the diffuser, beehive, water tank, pumping facility, road network).
  4. Soil preparation – with Bivanga.
  5. Planting date.
  6. Use of mixers in fertilization with mediums and watering – for small plantation, 6-duct mixer, for large plantations – 14-channel mixer.
  7. Use of diffusing lines with consumption of 1.1 L and separation of diffusers – 30 cm.
  8. Main goal of good planting is to have strong bushes with strong root systems, well placed in the soil – size of about 300 L.
  9. Strong and well-nourished plants stand for the quality of fruits – which provides us with sale and high yield – profitability of our plantations.
  10. Good setting-up of a plantation is the first of many phases leading to strong bushes with gentle stems and root system. Bushes on our plantation are most important, it is a factory of quality fruits and high yields. Therefore, we should care about its condition by good planting and fertilizing.