Our blueberry is a good choice…

The idea of our nursery relies mainly on producing blueberry seedings. We have many reliable varieties on offer.

With the innovative shoot rooting method

in the open land, undergoing winter without any protection, our seedings are very resistant to varying climate and diseases.

We want to offer you top quality seedings

with a well-developed root body, healthy and well bushed. We provide clean varieties since we are supervised by the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection.

Currently, we are

introducing a new species – haskap – in various varieties, which will be shortly added to our offer.

Do you want to find out more about the advantages of blueberry on our offer?

Do you want to know the varieties on our offer?
Do you know what advantages and properties blueberries have
and why it is good to eat them?


We have a Cornelian cherry as well.

Another important area of our business is the Cornelian cherry, which is becoming more popular in the whole world, known for its effects on health and used in the folk medicine for centuries.


We produce seedings in the pots of 1.5 L, P9

and in multi-cell plant trays